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    Inside Ring Engraver Instructions

    Insert the ring to be engraved into the grooves of the three self-centering fiber jaws (II), as illustrated in Figure # 1. Turn the chucking knob (A) clockwise and secure the ring tightly. When engraving a ring with a stone, position the ring so that the stone is aligned with the stone holder (D). Tighten the set screw to hold the stone.

    The jaws have a narrow groove for narrow rings and a wide groove for wide rings. The jaws are reversed by loosening the jaw holding screws (B) illustrated in Figure # 2.

    The engraving dial is two sided. Use the small letter side for narrow rings and the large letter side for wide rings. The dial is reversed by removing the thumb screw (V) as illustrated in Figure # 3.

    The engraving dial is released by pushing the turning lever (C) as illustrated in Figure # 3, towards the dial. this action releases the dial locking pin (F). Turn the dial to the desired letter. Release the turning lever.

    Move the tracing stylus (G) as illustrated in Figure # 4, so that the point is in the groove of the letter.

    Press down on the knobbed lever (I) as illustrated in Figure # 5 and trace the grooves of the letter.

    Clearer tracing will result by tracing the letter with the tracing stylus as shown in Figure # 6 rather than in Figure # 7. Retracing parts of the letters and changing directions may yield poor results. Raise the knobbed lever and move the tracing stylus to the next letter part. Be careful not to raise the knobbed lever too far, because that will advance the spacing of the ring.

    After tracing one letter, raise the knobbed lever upwards until resistance is felt. this action automatically advances the ring into position for the next letter to be engraved. Raising the knobbed lever also releases the dial locking pin. The engraving dial can be advanced to the next letter.

    Spacing between the letters is controlled by the adjusting screw (O) as illustrated in Figure # 8. A four tooth advance will normally give the correct spacing. Loosen the wing nut (W) and adjust the screw so that the desired spacing is achieved. Be sure to tighten the wing nut.

    How to Engrave with the Continuous Script Dial

    With the continuous script dial installed on the machine, loosen knob (1) as illustrated in Figure # 9 and using knob (2), turn the inner dial until the desired letter is centered in the window (3). Tighten knob (1). Turn the dial by pushing the turning lever (A) and align the letter to be engraved in the correct position. Release the turning lever. Engrave as Illustrated in Figure # 10.

    For Lower Case - Loosen knob (1) as illustrated in Figure # 9 and using knob (2), turn inner dial in either direction until the spring loaded ball drops into one of the four recesses in the lower dial. Tighten knob (1). Engrave using lower case letter as illustrated in Figure # 11, on inner dial. Advance to the new letter by raining knobbed lever. Use a double space when starting a new word.