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Individual Perfection & Vanadium Steel 1/8" Shank Setting Burs

Individual Perfection & Vanadium Steel 1/8" Shank Setting Burs

Fine burs with a 1/8" diameter shank.

From $3.55

Diameter (mm)
19.8911Vanadium Steel Burs1.00 mm$3.55
19.8511Perfection Burs1.00 mm$5.30
19.8522Perfection Burs1.40 mm$5.30
19.8533Perfection Burs1.60 mm$5.30
19.8933Vanadium Steel Burs1.60 mm$3.55
19.8544Perfection Burs1.80 mm$5.30
19.8555Perfection Burs2.00 mm$5.30
19.8955Vanadium Steel Burs2.00 mm$3.55
19.8566Perfection Burs2.30 mm$5.30
19.8966Vanadium Steel Burs2.30 mm$3.55
19.8577Perfection Burs2.50 mm$5.30
19.8977Vanadium Steel Burs2.50 mm$4.40
19.8588Perfection Burs2.80 mm$5.30
19.8988Vanadium Steel Burs2.80 mm$4.40
19.8599Perfection Burs3.00 mm$5.30
19.8999Vanadium Steel Burs3.00 mm$4.40
19.86010Perfection Burs3.40 mm$5.30
19.86111Perfection Burs3.60 mm$5.30
19.86212Perfection Burs3.80 mm$5.30
19.86313Perfection Burs4.00 mm$5.30
19.90313Vanadium Steel Burs4.00 mm$5.45
19.86414Perfection Burs4.30 mm$5.30
19.90414Vanadium Steel Burs4.30 mm$5.45
19.86515Perfection Burs4.50 mm$5.30
19.90515Vanadium Steel Burs4.50 mm$5.45
19.86616Perfection Burs4.80 mm$5.30
19.90616Vanadium Steel Burs4.80 mm$5.45
19.86717Perfection Burs5.00 mm$5.30
19.90717Vanadium Steel Burs5.00 mm$5.45
19.86818Perfection Burs5.30 mm$5.30
19.86919Perfection Burs5.50 mm$5.30
19.87020Perfection Burs5.70 mm$5.30
19.91020Vanadium Steel Burs5.70 mm$7.30
19.87121Perfection Burs6.00 mm$5.30
19.91121Vanadium Steel Burs6.00 mm$7.30
19.87222Perfection Burs6.40 mm$5.85
19.91222Vanadium Steel Burs6.40 mm$7.30
19.87323Perfection Burs6.70 mm$5.85
19.87424Perfection Burs7.00 mm$5.85
19.91424Vanadium Steel Burs7.00 mm$7.30
19.87525Perfection Burs7.50 mm$5.85
19.87626Perfection Burs8.00 mm$5.85
19.91626Vanadium Steel Burs8.00 mm$7.30
19.87727Perfection Burs8.50 mm$6.40
19.87828Perfection Burs9.00 mm$5.40
19.91828Vanadium Steel Burs7.00 mm$7.30
19.87929Perfection Burs9.50 mm$5.85
19.91929Vanadium Steel Burs9.50 mm$7.65
19.88030Perfection Burs10.50 mm$5.85
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