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Individual Dies & Taps

Individual Dies & Taps

Dies are priced and sold individually. Taps priced and sold in packages of 3.

From $31.10

Die or Tap
Size (in mm)
CM56161Tap1.00 mm$31.10
CM56151Die1.20 mm$39.90
CM56152Die1.20 mm$39.90
CM56162Tap1.20 mm$31.10
CM56153Die1.40 mm$39.90
CM56163Tap1.40 mm$31.10
CM56154Die1.70 mm$39.90
CM56164Tap1.70 mm$31.10
CM56155Die2.00 mm$39.90
CM56165Tap2.00 mm$31.10
CM56156Die2.30 mm$39.90
CM56166Tap2.30 mm$31.10
CM56157Die2.60 mm$39.90
CM56167Tap2.60 mm$31.10
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