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Individual Diamond Points

Individual Diamond Points

Head size measured in millimeters. See reference chart below:
Head Size 3.5x6 1.5x10 0.9x4 2x5 6x10 2.5x7 6x8
Head Size 2x7 1x1 2x2 3x3 4x4 3x12 2x8
Individual Diamond Points
Head size measured in millimeters

Head Size 4x0.8 2.7x1.5 4x1.5 6x2 1.5x4 4 mm x 10 mm
Head Size 3x11 7x12 2x12 1.5x10 6x9 6 mm x 17 mm

From $4.31

Head Size
DIB-140.13Coarse3.5 mm x 6 mm$8.04
DIB-140.03Fine/Medium3.5 mm x 6 mm$6.43
DIB-145.01Fine/Medium1.5 mm x 10 mm$4.31
DIB-145.11Coarse1.5 mm x 10 mm$5.37
DIB-145.00Fine/Medium0.9 mm x 4 mm$4.31
DIB-145.10Coarse0.9 mm x 4 mm$5.37
DIB-150.02Fine/Medium2 mm x 5 mm$4.31
DIB-150.12Coarse2 mm x 5 mm$5.37
DIB-120.06Fine/Medium6 mm x 10 mm$9.01
DIB-120.16Coarse6 mm x 10 mm$11.27
DIB-130.03Fine/Medium2.5 mm x 7 mm$4.88
DIB-130.13Coarse2.5 mm x 7 mm$6.11
DIB-130.06Fine/Medium6 mm x 8 mm$9.01
DIB-130.16Coarse6 mm x 8 mm$11.27
DIB-130.02Fine/Medium2 mm x 7 mm$4.88
DIB-130.12Coarse2 mm x 7 mm$6.11
DIB-155.01Fine/Medium1 mm x 1 mm$4.31
DIB-155.11Coarse1 mm x 1 mm$5.37
DIB-155.02Fine/Medium2 mm x 2 mm$4.31
DIB-155.12Coarse2 mm x 2 mm$5.37
DIB-155.03Fine/Medium3 mm x 3 mm$4.83
DIB-155.13Coarse3 mm x 3 mm$6.05
DIB-155.04Fine/Medium4 mm x 4 mm$5.56
DIB-155.14Coarse4 mm x 4 mm$6.96
DIB-135.03Fine/Medium3 mm x 12 mm$5.18
DIB-135.13Coarse3 mm x 12 mm$6.46
DIB-120.02Fine/Medium2 mm x 8 mm$4.31
DIB-120.12Coarse2 mm x 8 mm$5.37
DIB-160.04Fine/Medium4 mm x 0.8 mm$4.83
DIB-160.14Coarse4 mm x 0.8 mm$6.05
DIB-100.03Fine/Medium2.7 mm x 1.5 mm$4.31
DIB-100.13Coarse2.7 mm x 1.5 mm$5.37
DIB-100.04Fine/Medium4 mm x 1.5 mm$4.83
DIB-100.14Coarse4 mm x 1.5 mm$6.05
DIB-100.06Fine/Medium6 mm x 2 mm$6.43
DIB-100.16Coarse6 mm x 2 mm$8.04
DIB-110.01Fine/Medium1.5 mm x 4 mm$4.31
DIB-110.11Coarse1.5 mm x 4 mm$5.37
DIB-145.04Fine/Medium4 mm x 10 mm$7.92
DIB-145.14Coarse4 mm x 10 mm$8.35
DIB-120.03Fine/Medium3 mm x 11 mm$5.18
DIB-120.13Coarse3 mm x 11 mm$6.46
DIB-125.07Fine/Medium7 mm x 12 mm$13.11
DIB-125.17Coarse7 mm x 12 mm$16.37
DIB-135.02Fine/Medium2 mm x 12 mm$4.31
DIB-135.12Coarse2 mm x 12 mm$5.37
DIB-135.01Fine/Medium1.5 mm x 10 mm$4.31
DIB-135.11Coarse1.5 mm x 10 mm$5.37
DIB-170.00Fine/Medium6 mm x 9 mm$12.47
DIB-170.10Coarse6 mm x 9 mm$15.56
DIB-145.06Fine/Medium6 mm x 17 mm$14.30
DIB-145.16Coarse6 mm x 17 mm$16.23
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