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High Speed Steel Individual 90 Degree Bearing Cutters

Prior to setting stones (like diamonds) in rings and other jewelry, bearing cutters are used to cut "seats" for the stones to sit in.

From $3.60

Diameter (mm)
Diameter (in)
77.12090090.90 mm0.0354"Grobet Swiss012$30.24
18.600101.00 mm0.0393"Busch German112$40.32
77.1210101.00 mm0.0393"Grobet Swiss112$30.24
19.421101.00 mm0.0393"High Speed11$4.25
18.601121.20 mm0.0472"Busch German212$40.32
77.1212121.20 mm0.0472"Grobet Swiss212$30.24
19.422121.20 mm0.0472"High Speed21$4.25
77.12130131.30 mm0.0500"Grobet Swiss212$30.24
18.602141.40 mm0.0551"Busch German312$40.32
77.1214141.40 mm0.0551"Grobet Swiss312$30.24
19.423141.40 mm0.0551"High Speed31$4.25
77.12150151.50 mm0.0591"Grobet Swiss412$30.24
19.4240151.50 mm0.0591"High Speed41$4.25
18.603161.60 mm0.0630"Busch German512$40.32
77.1216161.60 mm0.0630"Grobet Swiss512$30.24
19.425161.60 mm0.0630"High Speed51$4.25
18.604181.80 mm0.0709"Busch German612$40.32
77.1218181.80 mm0.0709"Grobet Swiss612$30.24
19.426181.80 mm0.0709"High Speed61$4.25
18.6050212.10 mm0.0827"Busch German712$40.32
77.12210212.10 mm0.0827"Grobet Swiss712$30.24
19.4270212.10 mm0.0827"High Speed71$4.25
19.427F0212.10 mm0.0827"High Speed Extra Fine71$3.60
18.6060232.30 mm0.0906"Busch German812$40.32
77.12230232.30 mm0.0906"Grobet Swiss812$30.24
19.4280232.30 mm0.0906"High Speed81$4.25
18.6070252.50 mm0.0984"Busch German912$60.72
77.12250252.50 mm0.0984"Grobet Swiss912$45.36
19.4290252.50 mm0.0984"High Speed91$4.80
19.429F0252.50 mm0.0984"High Speed Extra Fine91$4.50
18.6080272.70 mm0.1063"Busch German1012$60.72
77.12270272.70 mm0.1063"Grobet Swiss1012$54.48
19.4300272.70 mm0.1063"High Speed101$4.80
18.6090292.90 mm0.1141"Busch German1112$60.72
77.12290292.90 mm0.1141"Grobet Swiss1112$54.48
19.4310292.90 mm0.1141"High Speed111$4.80
19.431F0292.90 mm0.1141"High Speed Extra Fine111$4.50
19.4320313.10 mm0.1220"High Speed121$4.80
19.4330333.30 mm0.1299"High Speed131$7.95
19.433F0333.30 mm0.1299"High Speed Extra Fine131$5.20
19.4340353.50 mm0.1378"High Speed141$5.30
19.434F0353.50 mm0.1378"High Speed Extra Fine141$5.20
19.4350373.70 mm0.1457"High Speed151$5.30
19.435F0373.70 mm0.1457"High Speed Extra Fine151$5.20
19.4360404.00 mm0.1575"High Speed161$8.10
19.436F0404.00 mm0.1575"High Speed Extra Fine161$5.30
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