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High Speed Steel Individual 70 Degree Bearing Cutters

High Speed Steel Individual 70 Degree Bearing Cutters

Prior to setting stones (like diamonds) in rings and other jewelry, bearing cutters are used to cut "seats" for the stones to sit in.

From $3.60

Diameter (mm)
Diameter (in)
19.201101.00 mm0.0393"1High Speed$4.80
19.202121.20 mm0.0472"2High Speed$4.80
19.203141.40 mm0.0551"3High Speed$4.80
19.203F141.40 mm0.0551"3High Speed Extra Fine$3.60
19.2040151.50 mm0.0591"4High Speed$6.10
19.205161.60 mm0.0630"5High Speed$4.80
19.206181.80 mm0.0709"6High Speed$4.80
19.206F181.80 mm0.0709"6High Speed Extra Fine$3.60
19.2070212.10 mm0.0827"7High Speed$4.80
19.207F0212.10 mm0.0827"7High Speed Extra Fine$3.60
19.2080232.30 mm0.0906"8High Speed$4.80
19.2090252.50 mm0.0984"9High Speed$4.80
19.2100272.70 mm0.1063"10High Speed$4.80
19.210F0272.70 mm0.1063"10High Speed Extra Fine$4.50
19.2110292.90 mm0.1141"11High Speed$4.80
19.211F0292.90 mm0.1141"11High Speed Extra Fine$4.50
19.2120313.10 mm0.1220"12High Speed$4.80
19.2130333.30 mm0.1299"13High Speed$5.85
19.2140353.50 mm0.1378"14High Speed$5.85
19.214F0353.50 mm0.1378"14High Speed Extra Fine$5.20
19.2150373.70 mm0.1457"15High Speed$5.85
19.215F0373.70 mm0.1457"15High Speed Extra Fine$5.20
19.2160404.00 mm0.1575"16High Speed$5.85
19.216F0404.00 mm0.1575"16High Speed Extra Fine$5.30
19.2170424.20 mm0.1654"17High Speed$5.85
19.2180454.50 mm0.1772"18High Speed$5.85
19.2190474.70 mm0.1850"19High Speed$6.40
19.2200505.00 mm0.1968"20High Speed$6.40
19.2220555.50 mm0.2162"22High Speed$6.40
19.2230235.50 mm0.2162"023High Speed$6.40
19.2240606.00 mm0.2358"24High Speed$6.40
19.2250626.50 mm0.2559"25High Speed$6.40
19.2260656.50 mm0.2554"26High Speed$7.45
19.2280707.00 mm0.2751"28High Speed$7.45
19.2300757.50 mm0.2948"30High Speed$9.00
19.2310777.70 mm0.3031"031High Speed$8.50
19.2320808.00 mm0.3144"32High Speed$10.40
19.2330828.20 mm0.3228"33High Speed$9.05
19.2340858.50 mm0.3341"34High Speed$9.05
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