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GRS System 3

GRS System 3

Economical air impact tool for jewelry making, engraving and more. 

System 3 is the most affordable GRS air impact tool.  Its relatives, Gravermeister, GraverMax and GraverMate produce special air pulses to control their impact handpieces.  System 3 handpiece is a piston and port design which self-oscillates using normal compressed air.  So it's simpler and less expensive.

System 3 handpiece is comfortable, lightweight and delivers good impact power.  It lets you engrave metals, set stones, hammer, texture and carve wood or other materials.  You eliminate fatigue and get your work done faster because System 3 increases the power of your hands.  The handpiece stays cool in use and includes the time-saving GRS Quick Change tool system.

The foot control starts the impact and varies its force.  You can tune System 3 for fine to heavy work using the regulator to provide more or less air pressure.  This give you a wide range of impact power.

System 3 is used in factories to equip multiple work stations and by people in small ships or at home.  If your needs don't justify other GRS air tools, order System 3.  You'll be pleased with the wonderful things it helps you do with your hands.

Specifications:  System 3 requires compressed air 1.2 cfm at 50 psi minimum.  Shipping weight 6 lbs.

System 3 Standard Package
  Includes handpiece, foot control, air filter/regulator, 3 quick change tool holders, 6 steel points and instructions. 

SKU: G04-780


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