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GraverMach Ultimate Power Engraving System

GraverMach Ultimate Power Engraving System

Designed around the engraver and stonesetter's need for power, finesse and control, the GraverMach provides it all in a compact package. The front mounted precision regulator is easy to adjust and use, the combination filter and water trap can be mounted on the machine or remotely for easy access. The dual voltage capability means you can use this machine anywhere in the world just by changing the IEC C13 industry standard power cord. The transformer is rated at 100 - 240 Volts, 50/60 Hz. and carries UL, GS, CE, and LPS certifications. From the first time you power up the GraverMach you will be amazed with its smooth, quiet performance. New porting technology gives your handpiece crisp impact from the low end to the high end. Stroke speed is adjustable from 400 to 8000 strokes per minute, the new front mounted bias valve setting allows the user to tailor the foot throttle feel. The power and air hookups are in the rear of the console and are mounted high to clear the bench top ledge found on many engraving and jewelry work surfaces. The handpiece hookups are now made with quick coupling fittings allowing the GraverMach to work with all your existing GraverMax handpieces. Shipping weight 21 lbs.

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