Precious Metal Recovery from Washout

Settling Tanks & Traps

Shor invented washout recovery systems. Over the last few decades we've made significant improvements in component design, improved quality and, at the same time, brought prices down. Despite this, the basic design of our systems was so simple and effective, no one has been unable to improve on the basic design.


Got an even more limited budget?  The Zap-Trap is simple but very effective for catching stones, rings and similar items.  The stainless steel rim and screen are heavy enough to stay put and the fine mesh catches the smallest of stones.  Zap-Trap fits virtually any sink drain from 118" to 2½" in diameter.  

CLN-225.00 Buy            Price  $5.95


Shor FiltraGold
Perfect for the small to medium sized shop.
  • Compact- Just 1 cubic foot in size. Fits under virtually any sink.
  • Easy maintenance- Just 5-10 minutes a week.
  • Efficient- Virtually no losses. Incorporates a 10 micron disposable filter.
  • Inexpensive- Just $499.
  • Inexpensive to maintain- Replace the filter just once or twice a month at a cost of only $5-6.
  • Easy setup- Normal setup time is just 10-15, right out of the box.
  • Stone & ring recovery- items lost down the sink drain can be recovered easily and within seconds from FiltraGold's removable prefilter.
Recovery System Stock# Price   Replacement Filter Stock# Price
FiltraGold with standard pump


$499.95 Replacement filters for FiltraGold (single) FILTRAFILTER Buy $8.95
FiltraGold with double volume pump FILTRADOUBLE Buy $599.00 Replacement filters for FiltraGold (6 pack) FILTRAFILTER6 Buy $39.95

See other Shor web pages for FiltraGold brochure (more info) and FiltraGold instructions


Stasis Settling Tanks
The Most Advanced Settling Tanks Ever Built!

  • 100% recovery
  • No filters or pumps- No moving parts. No filters to replace
  • Easy cleaning- Tank parts are removable
  • Easy gold removal- All settling tanks are hard to clean & recover the gold except the Stasis! With Stasis Tanks, the compartments just slide out.
  • Comes complete with sink (but not fixtures)


18 weirs
Size: 24" x 24" X 36"H
Stock # STASIS50     Price: $1,999.00     Buy


28 weirs
Size: 48"W x 24"D X 36"H
Stock # STASIS100     Price: $3,999.00     Buy