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Golden River Wax Additive

Golden River Wax Additive

Highly flexible waxes are very desirable, but they have the serious drawback of being thick, and consequently, low flow. The result is lots of rejects and reworks, particularly on thin and filigree pieces. Golden River is a high fluidity wax additive that thins these highly flexible, but thick waxes, and makes them flow like water. Injection of even fine filigree molds becomes remarkably easy. And there is no need to change waxes or clean out your wax pot (with all the work, mess and delay that causes)- Just add a handful or two of Golden River and see the improved flow almost immediately. Later, you can add more of your original wax to return to normal conditions.

In addition, Golden River gives strength to flexible waxes (flexible waxes tend to become soft in hot weather climates). Suggested additive amounts are 30%-60% by weight. Color is amber. Flake form.

D866-22 Kilo$34.50
D866-1010 Kilo$158.95
D866-2020 Kilo$259.95
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