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    Jeweler's Anti-Tarnish Tissue, Diamond & Parcel Papers Anti-Tarnish Strips

    • Who needs Jewelry Shield? One in four people has an allergy to alloys present in costume and fine jewelry, glasses, watches, even clasps and snaps found on clothing. They suffer itching and skin irritation. Even more people react adversely to metals: their skin turns black, green or suffers from an itchy rash. How does Jewelry Shield work? Brushing transparent Jewelry Shield onto jewelry and metal accessories creates an invisible shield protecting sensitive and allergy-prone skin. Thanks to Jewelry Shield, you can now wear your jewelry without allergic reactions. Jewelry Shield's specially patented formula lasts much longer than any other product or remedy available. One application lasts three months, longer than competing products or even clear nail polish.

      $9.95 to $69.95

    • Lint-free and anti-tarnish for wrapping and cleaning watch parts and jewelry.

      $7.45 to $45.20

    • Triple folded, super strong and extra soft. Box of 25 sheets.

      $4.80 to $6.90

    • 3 ply paper, 7" x 5-1/2". Boxes of 100 sheets.

      $15.90 to $22.80

    • Wood frame for 7-1/4" rolls.


      SKU: 61.092