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    Diamond Tweezers


    • Peer
      Made in Switzerland.
    • Dumont
      Made in Switzerland.
    • Grobet
      Made in the U.S.A.
    • Prideline
      Economy tweezer

    Tweezer Metals

    The chart below shows general property relationships among the various metals used in the manufacturing of tweezers. In addition, note that the points of the harder metals will wear longer and are less subject to bending. The softer metals will not scratch delicate parts and usually have additional desirable properties such as being non-magnetic, etc. Titanium has a very high melting temperature and is commonly used when soldering platinum.

    Tweezer MetalHardnessNon-MagneticCorrosion or Acid Resistance
    Carbon SteelStainless SteelNon-Magnetic Stainless (Anti-Mag)Brass
    Very HardHardSoftSoft
    • Dumont Diamond Tweezers
      All diamond tweezers have serrations at the tip for easy gripping of stones. Dumont diamond tweezers, however, have a unique double groove grid pattern for extra non-slip holding.
      Grooved Tweezers
      The grooved tweezers have a groove that runs down the middle of the tweezer tip. An unbeatable characteristic for holding larger stones.

      $29.75 to $62.55

    • Stainless steel tweezers with urethane jaws are great for diamonds and soft stones. Urethane provides a secure grip and is light, but non-reflective and will not damage the edges for soft stones. Tips come to a nice 2.0 mm point. Length 6".


      SKU: TWZ-175.10

    • Suspend your beautiful gemstones for display so that they can be seen. This visually appealing display unit allows stones to "float". Moreover, the salesperson can move the display so that customers can see the stone up close. Displays are effective sales tools and economical.Show precious gemstones at their best, suspended alone for maximum viewing. Sold in set of 4 pcs


      SKU: HOL-525.00

    • Great Gift Idea! Why not present your special someone with a unique "diamond" this year? Not only does it sparkle, but it's useful as well. Our exclusive diamond tipped slant beauty tweezers is sure to please anyone! Manufactured in Switzerland, our slant tweezers offers the best (no kidding) grip for hair removal of any tweezers available. Used by famous beauticians and people who want the finest, the diamond tipped slant tweezers will last for years. Originally sold through Sharper Image, these tweezers is now available directly to you (at a much lower price).


      SKU: TWZ-541.13