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    Forming & Raising Stakes

    Raising is the technique of forming metal with hammers and stakes into the basic shape of the object being created. Each of these stakes has a highly polished working surface. Made in USA Stock #12.788 in Stake Holders, is the right stake holder for these stakes.

    Size51 mm diameter254 x 32 mm305 length x 32 x 9.5 mm298 mm long51 mm
    UseDome-For shaping small rounded objects such as ladles.Depressed- Horn shape, ideal for working depressed surfacesAnvil- For small conical and rectangular work.Slight Round Inverted Rocker- Center width 38 mm tapering to 32 mm at tipsSpoon or Ladle Head- For shaping small rounded objects such as ladles
    Size29 mm & 22 mm298 mm Long254 mm Long184 Long
    UseKnob EndsSlight Round, Undercut End & Rolled End- Center width of 38 mm tapering to 32 mm at tipsCombination- Anvil shaped, 254 mm long with one cylindrical arm 83 mm long, 35 mm diameter and the other arm 102 mm long by 38 mm wide. Flat top 70 x 38mmCurved Ends- Length 184 mm with working faces 35 mm wide.
    SKU: 12.5XX
    $126.00 to $1,065.00

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