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Flexible Shaft Maintenance

It is very important to routinely clean and lubricate your power tool. Dirt and improper lubrication are the most common causes of poor operation and excessive wear. The maintenance procedures described in your Owner's Manual should be carefully followed. The following is a brief summary of routine cleaning and servicing requirements:

The flexible shaft should be cleaned and lubricated every 50 hours of use.

When operating your power tools be careful not to bend the flexible shaft too much at either the handpiece or motor shaft connections. Excessive heat and war will occur if the bend is too great. Follow these guidelines for trouble-free use:

  • A 4" or larger radius, as shown to the right, should be maintained for shafts on all motors.
  • The Series H can withstand 28 Ibs. of torque before breaking in its normal curved position and all other Series can tolerate up to 12 Ibs. of torque.
  • Motor brushes should be replaced when they are worn downto 1/4" from their original 3/4" length.

All Foredom handpieces have permanently lubricated ball bearings (except Nos. 7 and 7D) that do not require any lubrication. However, lubrication is required on handpieces with duplex connections and for gears in angle handpieces Nos. 55A/SSD and 56A/56D.

The Maintenance Kits listed below contain a spare flexible shaft to replace worn or broken shafts, one pair of replacement motor brushes, a tube of flexible shaft grease, (and oil in kits for sleeve bearing models).

  • Kit MK-I for Sleeve Bearing CC, DD, MM, R and RB models
  • Kit MK-6A for Ball Bearing R and RB models
  • Kit MK-2 for Sleeve Bearing EE, GG and MMG models
  • Kit MK-7 for Ball Bearing EE, GG and MMG models
  • Kit MK-3 for Sleeve Bearing F hang-up model
  • Kit MK-9 for Ball Bearing CC, DD, MM, S SB & SM models.
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