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Extra Narrow Pillar Files

Extra Narrow Pillar Files

Pillar files are rectangular cross cut files. They're thicker (relative to their width) than other flat files and have a cut surface only on top and bottom (not sides). They taper in thickness (thicker at tang and thinner at end). Available in 5 different types of width and edge, cross cut.

From $21.50

31.200Cut 23"$21.50
31.201Cut 004"$24.55
31.202Cut 04"$25.95
31.204Cut 24"$27.90
31.205Cut 44"$32.70
31.206Cut 006"$29.00
31.207Cut 06"$30.55
31.208Cut 16"$32.05
31.209Cut 26"$32.95
31.210Cut 46"$38.50
31.211Cut 66"$62.90
31.212Cut 008"$39.70
31.213Cut 08"$41.90
31.214Cut 18"$44.00
31.215Cut 28"$45.55
31.216Cut 48"$52.95
31.217Cut 0010"$54.70
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