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Eve Flex Twists Bristle Brushes

Eve Flex Twists Bristle Brushes

Use with mandrel hole 1/16" or 1/8". Diameter of wheels-17mm. Sold in boxes of 100.

Eve Twists, designed in Germany for polishing precious and non-precious metals, can be used individually or in multiples as a brush or knife edge. The straight bristles off versatility- Twists can be used in either direction. The high degree of flexibility and new twist action create the superior finish you are looking for. Even Diamond Twists were created for platinum. They are embedded with a diamond formula to insure and even blend.

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10.101#500 Coarse$120.00
10.102#600 Medium$120.00
10.103#700 Fine$120.00
10.104#800 Extra Fine$120.00
10.105#900 Ultra Fine$120.00
10.106Pumice Medium$120.00
10.107Pumice Fine$115.00
10.108Diamond Medium$145.00
10.109Diamond Fine$145.00
10.110Diamond Extra Fine$145.00
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