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    European Twist Drills

    Priced by individual sizes.

    Size Chart
    Diameter (in)0.0700"0.0670"0.0635"0.0595"0.0550"0.0520"0.0465"0.0430"0.0420"0.0410"0.0400"0.0390"0.0380"0.0370"0.0360"0.0350"0.0330"0.0320"0.0310"0.0293"0.0280"0.0260"0.0250"0.0240"0.0225"0.0210"0.0200"0.0180"0.0160"0.0145"0.0135"
    Diameter (mm)1.7780 mm1.7020 mm1.5120 mm1.5110 mm1.3970 mm1.1320 mm1.1810 mm1.0920 mm1.0670 mm1.0410 mm1.0160 mm0.9900 mm0.9650 mm0.9400 mm0.9140 mm0.8890 mm0.8380 mm0.8130 mm0.7870 mm0.7430 mm0.7120 mm0.6600 mm0.6350 mm0.6100 mm0.5720 mm0.5330 mm0.5080 mm0.4570 mm0.4060 mm0.3690 mm0.3430 mm
    SKU: 28.4XX

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