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    Engraving Blocks

    • Recognized as the finest block among engravers throughout the world. Imitated but never equaled. Turntable revolves on Victor bearings, eliminating side shake, yet is responsive to the slightest touch. With deep throated jaws which close and open on smooth operating center screw. With a aspherical diameter of 5". Comes with plastic base pad as shown, left. Weight approximately 20 lbs.

      $22.15 to $790.00

    • Base pads only.

      $63.70 to $155.00

    • Attachments only for Victor Engraving Blocks.

      $7.20 to $205.00

    • Excellent quality engraving blocks. The block moves smoothly to set comfortable working angles. An adjustable drag keeps the work-piece in its proper position. Tight tolerances and precision construction eliminate side shakes. Deep throated jaws slide smoothly on the center screw.

      $268.08 to $454.14

    • Engraving Blocks are specially designed for handwork including engraving, jewelry making, wood carving, precision assembly and more.The GRS engraving blocks are very stable yet easily maneuvered while you work.Self-centering jaws have tooling holes that accept a variety of pins and attachments. The top half of each vise rotates smoothly about the center.The spherical bottom sits in a socket ring so you can tilt it in any direction. The GRS MagnaBlock is the largest engraving block and the GRS MicroBlock is the smallest.The MicroBlock's low profile and compact design is especially suited for microscope work and other situations where the size of a larger vise is an obstacle.

      $118.00 to $830.00