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Durenamel is a remarkably versatile decorative enamel with a finish that is virtually equivalent to hard-fired enamel. The hardness of cured Durenamel is 60 to 75 on the Sward scale, as compared to kiln fired enamel at 65 to 80.

Durenamel is a 2 part enameling product (Part A enamel & Part B catalyst) very similar to Ceramit.  However, unlike Ceramit, Durenamel  Catalyst and Thinner are not hazmat (so you are not charged the outrageous hazmat fees when they are shipped out to you).  

Choose between a in a wide variety of colors.  Available in opaque, transparent or flourescent.  

Create exactly the color you need-  You can mix colors to get exactly the color you need. Alternatively, you can purchase the transparent clear and then add your own color to get exactly the color and shade that suits your requirements.  Standard epoxy colorants are commonly available and they mix well with Durenamel.

Durenamel Thinner is available in pint cans.  Also, because it is commonly used only in small amounts,  it's available in convenient 2 ounce bottles.

Kits are available with either high viscosity or low viscosity Catalyst.  The high viscosity Catalyst is best suited for curved surfaces or in circumstances where there are no boundaries to contain it.  The low viscosity Catalyst flows like water and is typically used for flat surfaces, for fine detail and when artistic blending of colors (color gradients, swirls, etc.) are desired.

The Durenamel Kits include 1 pint Catalyst, 2 ounce bottles of Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, White and Clear. Also included are 2 measuring cups as well as 5 syringe and 3 needles for measuring and for pinpoint application of Durenamel.  Syringes and needles can be cleaned for reuse by soaking in acetone.


From $11.95

DUR.102.00Kit with Low Viscosity Catalyst-$134.95Out of Stock
DUR.112.00Kit with High Viscosity Catalyst-$134.95Out of Stock
DUR.100.00Catalyst, Low ViscosityPint$48.00Out of Stock
DUR-110.00Catalyst, High ViscosityPint$48.00Out of Stock
DUR.101.00ThinnerPint$44.00Out of Stock
DUR.101.01Thinner2 oz.$12.75Out of Stock
DUR.102.01Transparent2 oz.$12.75Out of Stock
DUR.102.02Red2 oz.$12.75Out of Stock
DUR.102.03Blue2 oz.$12.75Out of Stock
DUR.102.04Yellow2 oz.$12.75Out of Stock
DUR.102.05Black2 oz.$12.75Out of Stock
DUR.102.06White2 oz.$12.75Out of Stock
DUR.102.07Pink2 oz.$12.75Out of Stock
DUR.102.08Chinese Red2 oz.$12.75Out of Stock
DUR.102.09Orange2 oz.$12.75Out of Stock
DUR.102.10Butterfly Yellow2 oz.$12.75Out of Stock
DUR.102.11Brown2 oz.$12.75Out of Stock
DUR.102.12Cocoa2 oz.$12.75Out of Stock
DUR.102.14Violet2 oz.$12.75Out of Stock
DUR.102.15Turquoise2 oz.$12.75Out of Stock
DUR.102.16Israeli Blue2 oz.$12.75Out of Stock
DUR.102.17Sky Blue2 oz.$12.75Out of Stock
DUR.102.18Jade Green2 oz.$12.75Out of Stock
DUR.102.19Olive Green2 oz.$12.75Out of Stock
DUR.103.01Needles10 pcs.$11.95
DUR.103.02Syringes10 pcs.$14.95
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