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Double Round Head Burnishing Set

Double Round Head Burnishing Set

Beautifully made of high grade stainless steel. Each perfectly round head is polished to a mirror finish. Used to form PMC, this set is excellent for wax and clay as well. Six sizes in all with serrated handles, these burnishers are a must for every bench. Total length of each is 6-1/2" (63mm), double ended. Also available individually.

From $6.39

BRN-300.00Set of Three$19.95
BRN-300.15Small Burnisher (1.5 and 2.0mm)$6.39
BRN-300.30Medium Burnisher (2.5 and 3.0mm)$6.39
BRN-300.50Large Burnisher (4.0 and 5.0mm)$6.39
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