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Die Sinkers' Riffler Half Round Files

Die Sinkers' Riffler Half Round Files

Swiss made. Originally used and hand forged by die sinkers, die makers, silversmiths, etc., in shapes and cross-sections appropriate to their work. Teeth are cut on small areas on each end (except the Hablis rifflers, which are single ended) and can have a variety of shapes. Rifflers are engineered for removing metal and smoothing in tight places. A long middle portion serves as the handle.

Precision rifflers, all are double-ended and 6" (152 mm) long.

From $30.80

31.93231.932Cut 0$42.30
31.93631.936Cut 0$30.80
31.93931.939Cut 0$43.10
31.94331.943Cut 0$32.45
31.94631.946Cut 0$32.45
31.93331.933Cut 2$42.30
31.93731.937Cut 2$30.80
31.94431.944Cut 2$32.45
31.94731.947Cut 2$32.45
31.94131.941Cut 4$43.15
31.94831.948Cut 4$33.70
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