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Diamond Coated Twist Drills

Diamond Coated Twist Drills

We have added a medium-fine coating to the tips of high-speed twist drills to drill stone, ceramic, glass and other hard non-metallic materials.The drills are made of superior high-grade steel.

Important: When using diamond coated drills, points, wheels etc:

  • Always completely submerge, both drill bit cutting surface and object being drilled, in water.

  • Use light pressure

  • Between 5,000-20,000 rpm

  • Lift often

  • Best results when used in a drill press

  • Use bur lubricant or beeswax on cutting surface

  • If diamonds are being worn off too quickly or bit becomes hot and discolors, you are not using the above guidelines.

Because of the nature of the diamond coating process, drill bit diameters may vary by as much as plus or minus 0.5 mm.

From $6.95

DIB-227.65.0350"0.889 mm$6.95
DIB-227.61.0390"0.990 mm$6.95
DIB-227.56.0465"1.181 mm$6.95
DIB-227.54.0550"1.397 mm$6.95
DIB-227.53.0595"1.512 mm$6.95
DIB-227.52.0635"1.613 mm$6.95
DIB-227.51.0670"1.702 mm$6.95
DIB-227.50.0700"1.778 mm$6.95
DIB-227.47.0785"1.994 mm$6.95
DIB-227.45.0820"2.083 mm$6.95
DIB-227.40.0982"2.489 mm$6.95
DIB-227.36.1065"2.705 mm$6.95
DIB-227.00Complete Set of 12"Complete Set of 12 mm$59.95
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