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    Deluxe Dapping & Design

    Comprehensive 63 piece dapping set complete with wood stand..  Kit includes:

    • 30 piece set of dapping punches sizes 2.8 mm to 50.8 mm

    • 22 piece set of cutter 2.8 mm to 22.2 mm

    • 5 piece set of ID dapping punches.  The ID punches are made to be 1 mm smaller than regular punches to allow for the metal thickness.

    • 1 pc. 2" x 2" dapping block

    • 1 pc. 2-1/2" x 2-1/2"  dapping block

    • 1 pc. 27 depressions flat dapping block

    • 1 pc designers flat dapping block

    This is a special order item subject to a 15% restocking charge if returned
    SKU: 228.500