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Ceramit is a two part system: PART A (color) and PART B (catalyst). Please read all instructions and recommendations before using.

Step-By-Step Process

  1. Gently shake PART A (color) before using.
  2. Using a non-absorbent container, mix the quantities listed in Part A with the quantities in Part B for the desired hardness.

    Mixing Ratios

    Results After Curing Part A (color) Part B (catalyst)
    Hard (Basic Method) Hard-slight flexibility Very flexible
    one (1) part two (2) parts one (1) part
    two (2) parts three (3) parts one (1) part
  3. When mixing small amounts, measuring by weight instead of volume may be desirable.
  4. Allow mixture to stand in open container before applying.
  5. The minimal standing time is 2-4 hours. You can continue to use the mixture up to 14-16 hours. Mixture may be applied to surface and allowed to stand for all or part of the standing time prior to heat curing. See Room Temperature Curing.
  6. Apply in thin layers (curing each layer before applying the next).

Recommended Curing Cycles

Curing Time Temperature
30-45 minutes 250° F
60 minutes (white only) 225° F
Lower temperatures may be used. However, increased curing time is required (i.e., 200º F for sixty (60) minutes). Thick layers require more time to cure.
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