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      • Tapered hopper for sand recycling. 
      • Light fixture for 40 watt bulb.
      • Thick walled construction with Plexiglas lid and Mylar shield
      • 14 CFM  gun at 90-100 PSI. Ceramic tip .060" with 1/8" spray pattern 
      • Large cabinet (21" x 18-1/2" x 23" Wide). 
      • Double gloves. 
      • overall dimensions 18"H x 16"W x 12"D.  Inside working height 9"
      • Sand not included. 110V Model
      Non-stock item.


      SKU: PBH2000

    • $499.00 to $585.00

    • Beads for Sand Blaster

      $22.30 to $29.70

    • The AEC Eraser can erase a fine line or work over a wide area. Works like magic to erase defects in jewelry castings, clean fine instrument parts, remove dust, tarnish and other corroded accumulations on a wide variety of delicate objects. Kit comes with AEC Air Eraser, 4' air hose with moisture trap, dust respirator, 6 oz. jar of aluminum oxide compound and A-34


      SKU: 23.060

    • 5 pound bottle. For use in the Air Eraser sand blaster.


      SKU: 23.062