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    Ingot Molds

    • Ideal for making pure gold ingots for sale to the public. Graphite ingot molds produce much smoother, shinier ingots than conventional ingot molds. A single graphite block with 6 slots, our 5 oz. graphite ingot mold set can produce up to six 5 oz. ingots at the same time. Graphite ingot molds have a wear and oxidation factor, making their life expectancy significantly shorter than the virtually indestructible steel ingot molds. Capacity of each slot is 100 pennyweights or 5 troy ounces.


      SKU: 5oz-bar

    • Change the capacity of the mold by sliding the walls of the mold.

      $44.55 to $57.80

    • Makes wire sizes 3,4, 5 & 6 mm and flat plate in 130 dwt.


      SKU: 22.877

    • Makes 2 wire sizes and 1 plate.


      8 mm170 mm19 mm
      9 mm170 mm9 mm
      7 mm170 mm8 mm


      SKU: 22.0501

    • Makes 2 wire sizes and 1 plate.


      8 mm245 mm6 mm
      6 mm245 mm6 mm
      5 mm245 mm6 mm


      SKU: 22.0510

    • Makes ingots or bullion.

      $27.60 to $30.75

    • For use with adjustable ingot molds. Eliminates freeze separations when pouring plate ingots for rolling. Fits plate molds. Complete set of pourer, handle, and crucible.

      Ship weight14-1/2 oz.
      Crucible capacity200 dwt (300 grams)


      SKU: 22.791