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Electric Melting Furnaces

Kerr ElectroMelt Furnaces

The world's workhorse for melting metals. Designed to be hand-held for easy pouring directly to the flask. Also used for reclaiming, alloying and refining metals.

Features found on all Kerr ElectroMelt furnaces:

Safety lid switch
Built in pyrometer
Graphite crucible
Graphite stirring rod
Extended life heating element (life expectancy: at 1800° F is 500 hours or about 1000 melts / at 2000°F is 30 hours or 60 melts)
Available in 120 V and 220 V
  • Automatic ElectroMelt Models

    These digitally controlled Automatic ElectroMelts are recommended when sustained high temperature use is required. The fuzzy logic electronic controller regulates the temperature by providing full power input to the furnace until a preselected temperature is attained

    Features include:

    • LED display panel
    • Worry free operation
    • Reduces metal temperature overshoot
    • Holds temperature to a +/- 5°F
    • Maximum temperature 2,050° F
    • Electronics protect the element from overheating
    • 11.3 amps

    $1,538.95 to $1,770.95

  • Genuine Kerr Crucibles

    Genuine Kerr crucibles provide extended life for optimum performance and durability. Kerr brand crucibles provide maximum resistance to oxidation while metal is being melted. To avoid contamination use a separate crucible for each type of metal used. Quality: Performance Plus

    $31.95 to $55.95

  • Heating Elements for Kerr ElectroMelt

    Kerr long life heating elements can be easily replaced in both the Standard and Maxi ElectroMelt furnaces. Auto is 30oz.

    $285.95 to $376.95

  • Metal Melt brand Furnaces

    Specially designed and constructed for melting metals for casting and alloying.

    $1,039.00 to $1,349.00