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    Casting Machines

    • Shor Varicaster Motorized Centrifugal Casting Machine

      A time tested machine for casting gold.  We've sold these machines for several decades.   Newly updated with electronic controls, this is, undoubtedly,  the best motorized centrifugal caster available today.

      • Powerful 1/2 hp motor
      • Variable speed drive for optimum rotational speed
      • Automatic reset cycle timer
      • Solid state controls
      • Welded, all heavy gauge steel construction
      • Closing lid automatically starts machine
      • Foot brake for rapid stop and easy crucible loading
      • 24-1/2" long,  machined-steel casting arm, for very rapid casting
      • Maximum flask size 4"x7"
      • Capacity of 300 dwt (465 g) 18 K gold
      • Dimensions- 27-1/2" wide, 29-1/2" deep, 36" high
      • Shipping weight- 360 lbs
      • Made in U.S.A.
      • Available in 110V, 220V, 50 or 60 cycle (please specify your needs)


      SKU: 48.000

    • The first and still the best reliable vacuum casting machine since Shor invented and introduced this machine to the industry nearly 50 years ago.

      Since it's conception, the UltraVac has had very little change to it's design, with It's rigid structure, and virtually maintenance free components it stands to be the work horse of the industry.

      • Large casting chamber can accommodate flasks up to 8" in diameter and 12" in height with the use of special adapters.
      • Secondary vacuum holding tank insures an instantaneous maximum pull around the casting flask.
      • No need for shop air, unit operates with electric solenoid valves.
      • Powder coated finish.
      • Safety rim to catch metal spills.
      • Ship weight about 50 lbs


      SKU: UltraVac