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    Casting Alloy & Sample Line Metals

    • A very high fluidity alloy designed specifically for manufacturers who want to cast pieces where the stone is set in the wax, eliminating the work of setting the stone in the cast metal. This metal should be melted in an inert atmosphere. It is also an excellent alloy to be used for non stone-in-wax casting as well. Makes 10K and 14K yellow. Sold and priced in packs of 10 ounces.


      SKU: HZN136

    • Add to high silver content gold to reduce the percentage of silver. 5 ounces content.


      SKU: ASR

    • 14K Gold
      Strongly resembles 14K gold.High in deoxidizers. Zero silver content.

      Silver Mine
      White copper based alloy is very close in color to Sterling but has the advantage of being considerably harder. Retains a high polish.

      An excellent metal for small sculptures. Lead free.

      $9.90 to $64.15