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Busch German Individual Cone Square Cross Cut Burs

Busch German Individual Cone Square Cross Cut Burs

Not available in high speed steel.

See also: Grobet Swiss and EuroTool Swiss Cone Square Cross Cut Burs.

From $24.48

Diameter (mm)
Diameter (in)
18.3380070.70 mm0.0276"3/012$24.48
18.33980.80 mm0.0315"2/012$24.48
18.3400091.08 mm0.0354"012$24.48
18.341101.00 mm0.0393"112$24.48
18.342121.20 mm0.0472"212$24.48
18.343141.40 mm0.0551"312$24.48
18.346161.60 mm0.0630"512$24.48
18.348181.80 mm0.0709"612$24.48
18.3500212.10 mm0.0827"712$24.48
18.3540252.50 mm0.0984"912$50.88
18.3560272.70 mm0.1063"1012$50.88
18.3570292.90 mm0.1141"1112$50.88
18.3580313.10 mm0.1220"1212$57.12
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