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Bur Trees

  Bur Trees.

Individual High Speed Steel Tree Burs

Individual High Speed Steel Tree Burs

A complete selection of High-Speed Steel Burs known for their hardness and durability. Stays sharper much longer than conventional tungsten-vanadium. With 3/32 shanks our HSS burs will fit any handpiece. Learn more ›

From $4.80

Diameter (mm)
Diameter (in)
BUR-303.080232.30 mm0.0906"8$4.80
BUR-303.130333.70 mm0.1299"13$7.35
BUR-303.190474.70 mm0.1850"19$7.35
BUR-303.260656.50 mm0.2554"26$8.70
BUR-303.300757.50 mm0.2948"30$8.70
BUR-303.05161.60 mm0.0630"5$4.80
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