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Buchner Filter Funnels

Step-By-Step Process

  1. Turn on your pump. Or, if using an aspirator pump, turn on the water.
  2. If using a Buchner funnel with a height of eighteen inches or higher, put down a sheet of filter fabric (to prevent the paper from breaking through).
  3. Place 1-2 sheets of filter paper in the funnel and pour water over it, smoothing the filter paper over the funnel's plate. Be careful not to break the paper. The water will be sucked out of the funnel and into the collection bottle (or if using the ARTV, through the pump).
  4. Your Buchner Funnel is now ready for use. If using a collection bottle, be sure that it does not become overfilled or the solution in it will be sucked out of the bottle and into your pump or down the drain.
Note: Collection bottles are subject to high vacuum. Do not use a bottle that is subject to either collapse under vacuum or implosion. If there is any question regarding the efficacy of your bottle, test it before using it.

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