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BOOK-  Wonderful, Wearable Wire by Helwig

BOOK- Wonderful, Wearable Wire by Helwig

Contains 172 pages of elegant and easy wire designs using the Olympus WigJig.  This book contains over 180 Olympus WigJig designs.  It is divided into 5 chapters covering the following topics:

  1. Chains, Links & Claps
  2. Pendants and Earrings
  3. Yokes and Pins
  4. Sun Catchers and Holiday Ornaments
  5. Wireworking Tips and Hints

Each chapter is packed with a wide variety of designs as well as many tips and cross references.  The design pages include specific written directions, a complete wrapping diagram as well as a template showing the exact number of pegs required and peg placement on your Olympus.  Simply place your WigJig directly over the design templates in the book and put the pegs in as marked.  This detailed book will make using your WigJig easy as well as enabling you to produce elegant designs with professional results.     


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