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Black Bristle Brushes, Converging

Black Bristle Brushes, Converging

The ultimate brush designed specifically for jewelry applications. Trim and angle provide access to the most intricate designs. Premium quality Chunking bristle is specially selected for use on precious metals, giving superior results piece after piece. The seasoned hardwood hubs are precision bored for a perfect fit on tapered spindles.

These large bristle brushes are design to be used on polishing motor tapered spindles. Primarily, these brushes are used to polish areas which are difficult to reach with a buff or felt. Cutting compounds (such as tripoli), and intermediate compounds (such a graystar) are the most common compounds used with these brushes.

The brushes are composed of 2 parts
the hub; which is the wood or metal block that holds the bristles in place, and the bristle, which, of course, is the brush part. Choose a brush based upon;

  1. The hub diameter
  2. The bristle length
  3. Converging or upright bristle (check out the pix to the right to see the difference between upright & converging).

From $2.00

Hub Diameter
16.376 7/8"2 7/8"$4.30
16.378 7/8"21-1/8"$4.30
16.3831-1/4"2 5/8"$3.20
16.3811-1/4"2 1/2"$3.20
16.3801-1/4"2 3/8"$3.20
16.3841-1/4""3 5/8"$4.30
16.3871-1/4"3 3/8"$3.20
16.4061-1-1/4"4 5/8"$2.85
16.4071-1/4"4 3/8"$4.30
16.3931-1/2"4 3/4"$5.35
16.3981-7/8"1 5/8"$3.20
16.4041-7/8"1 1/2"$2.00
16.3991-7/8"1 3/8"$3.20
16.3961-7/8"2 5/8"$4.30
16.4031-7/8"2 1/2"$3.20
16.3971-7/8"2 3/8"$3.20
16.3882-1/8"2 5/8"$4.30
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