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BestFit Watchmakers' Screwdrivers

BestFit Watchmakers' Screwdrivers

Designed especially for watchmakers. Nickel plated to prevent rust. Reversible double ended blades and threaded ferrules for easy replacement with color identified heads for quick selection.

From $9.10

Blade Size (color)
52.0736/3.058" (Gold)$9.10
52.0736/5.047" (Green)$9.10
52.0736/6.039" (Brown)$9.10
52.0736/70033" (Red)$9.10
52.0736/8.027" (Silver)$9.10
52.0762Complete Set in Hardwood Stand with Inset Carborundum Sharpening Stone $80.70
52.0730Complete Set in Box$67.35
52.0732Complete Set of Replacement Blades$11.70
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