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Bergeon Clock Bushing Tool

Bergeon Clock Bushing Tool

Repair and reset bushings into clock plates quickly and easily. A bed with two sliding arms fitted with clamping screws allows the plate being worked to be held firmly in a horizontal position. Once this is done, it's very simple to get the perfect center. Allows for the bushing of plates from 50 to 220 mm, with a pillar height of 70 mm. Includes:

  • Broach with hand wheel
  • Tool with 2 arms and 2 dogs
  • 3 driving punches
  • 450 piece bushing set (# 31-60)
  • Centering bit
  • 4 drilled stakes and 1 undrilled stake
  • Centering stake
  • 10 reamers
  • chamfering tool

6200rTool complete with accessory set$948.35
6200EAccessory set only$1,110.00
6200ERReduced accessory set$520.00
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