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BenchMate Plus

BenchMate Plus

Streamline your bench operations with the GRS BenchMate™ work-holding system for jewelers! This durable, convenient helper is a sturdy, powerful rotating system that stabilizes stone-setting, speeds soldering and simplifies jewelry repair. Made in the USA.
• Center your work in front of you at the right height on the GRS BenchMate; you’ll be more comfortable throughout the day.
• This versatile tool securely holds even the most delicate parts.
• Easily move it out of the way when you’re finished; it takes just three seconds and requires no tools!
• All-steel construction and Teflon® bearings provide lasting service.

This kit includes:
• A BenchMate work holder that provides support for stone-setting and moves easily along every axis. You can lock it solidly in any position and it includes a right-side hand rest (the hand rest is slotted to accept a Third-Hand attachment).
• A virtually indestructible metal ring clamp with non-marring hard plastic jaws.
• A handy T-shaped metal shellac pad.
• A mounting plate that works with all BenchMate attachments.
• A high–grade steel rotating Third–Hand attachment for precise soldering.
• Two shapes (narrow and wide) of stainless soldering jaws.
• A hardwood bench pin kit.
• A 4" soldering station for convenient soldering.
• An additional Third-Hand attachment.

SKU: G04-571


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