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GRS BenchMate Encore

The GRS BenchMate Encore launches the next generation of efficient, versatile workholding tools. These innovative updates to an industry standard provide better and faster methods for everyday work.

Work is held steadily in place yet easily repositionable to accommodate a range of techniques and jobs. The new BenchMate Encore QC arm measures 6" and has a cutout for superior access angles and better clearance when using tools. Adjust the relieved arm to a lower or higher vertical position for maximum comfort and control. The handrest can be quickly attached to either side.

Switch fixtures in a flash with updated Quick Change design. Drop and lock the QC fixture into the BenchMate Encore mandrel with no additional tools.

Basic Package includes:

  • BenchMate Encore QC
  • Fixed Mounting Plate
  • Encore QC Accessory Pack with:
    • 4 Extra Plastic Jaws
    • 2 wrenches (5/32" Allen and 3/16" hex)
    • 5 mounting screws

SKU: G04-839


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