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    Bead Stringing Awls & Reamers

    • Designed to slide a knot down into the bead tip or between 2 beads. Also useful for cleaning holes. 6-1/2" length.


      SKU: SPK-925.00

    • A handy awl made more usable by adding a comfortable PVC handle. Great for knotting cord, picking and probing. Stainless steel with fine point. 5-1/2" length.


      SKU: PIK-400.35

    • Originally used as dental explorers, picks are excellent for a variety of uses, including scribing, positioning, probing, etc. All are fine stainless steel with knurled handles. Sold as a set or individually.


    • High quality, traditional beading awl made of stainless steel with fine tapered point. Comfortable, round handle with sure-hold knurling. 6" length.


      SKU: CVR-400.30

    • The one and only tool to effectively de-but the end of a wire after it has been cut. This 1.8m,m cup bur does the job with a couple of twists of the hardwood handle. Simple and economical. A must for everyone.


      SKU: BUR-261.80

    • Our handy bead reamer set is an excellent tool for bead stringers. One diamond instrument is long and sharp for reaming bead holes. The other is a 45° point for rounding off the edges of holes so that they do not cut through bead cord. Both are set securely in hardwood handles. This will be a great addition to any toolbox. the separate components are also available individually. water should be used as a lubricant when using diamond coated instruments.


      SKU: DIB-270.01

    • New and much improved Diamond Bead Reamer Set now features 3 points (small and large reamer, 45

      $1.75 to $17.00

    • Kit includes a variety of 3/32" shank tools for cleaning, grinding, shaping, drilling, polishing and much more. 12 piece set comes with handy wood bench storage block.

      Each kit includes one each of the following: 1 # 20 red stone abrasive wheel, 2 wheel brushes, 1 end brush, 1 wire wheel brush, 1 bud felt bob, 1 knife edge felt bob, 1 knife edge silicone fine polisher, 1 cone silicone fine polisher, 1 cup bur and 2 twist drill burs.

      $19.95 to $39.95

    • Very economical, the cordless bead reamer is a great tool to smooth and enlarge bead holes. Light weight and easy to use. It comes with 3 tips- small pointed, 45 degree edger, and large pointed reamer. With a comfortable molded handle and at 10,000 rpm's, bead reaming is made easy. This unit is powered by 2 AA batteries (not included).


      SKU: HDP-380.00