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Bags for WhirlWind & Torit Dust Collectors

Bags for WhirlWind & Torit Dust Collectors

Sets of bags for WhirlWind Dust Collectors and for Torit Dust Collectors

From $799.90

Bags In Set
Dust Collector
Bag Size
ARF-0069-01245012.61" x 7.44"$799.90
SIC-0069-01-FR2450 (fire retardant cotton sateen)12.61" x 7.44"$871.90
ARF-0069-05246418.61" x 10.44"$871.90
ARF-0069-093075 & 8420.5" x 18.75"$979.90
SIC-0069-09-FR3075 & 84 (fire retardant cotton sateen)20.5" x 18.75"$1,159.90
ARF-0069-132590 & 12431" x 25-1/2"$1,999.90
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