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    ARVT Pumping System - Diagram and Maintenance


    • The ARVT Pump will deliver decades of trouble-free service when properly maintained with regular replacement of the "O" rings and cap seals. If you do a lot of refining with acid, this pump will make operation a lot easier and safer.
    • For extended life of the “O” rings, vacuum 1 gallon of clean mineral oil through the pump at the end of each day. If reusing this mineral oil, be sure to filter out any particles before passing it through the pump.
    Note: This pump operates by air pressure and requires a minimum compressor size of half horsepower.


    • Maximum setting will move 1 quart of acid every 2 seconds. You can adjust the amount of draw by raising or lowering the stroke adjustment bolt.
    • When used in combination with a Buchner filter funnel, gasket and vacuum plate, you can do all you filtering and acid moving operation without ever pouring any acids, ever!