Ceramit Enamel

Low temperature curing, hard enamel. Requires only 200° F for one hour and the result is a ceramic like surface which resembles kiln fired enamels in both appearance and physical properties. A two part liquid system in which the catalyst and the color are mixed in a 2 to 1 proportion. Can be brushed on, sprayed on or applied with a spatula or squeeze bottle. Applies in a single coat or can be built up in successive layers to obtain unusual and elegant finishes. No powders or kilns are necessary. Has a hardness of 60-75 on the Sward scale (kiln fired enamel has a hardness of 65-80). Thirty vibrant colors are available and they can be mixed to provide an infinite variety of shades. Adheres to metals, wood, plastics, ceramics, etc. and can be stoned and polished. Simple and easy to use, so even beginner will be producing professional work in a short time. Can be cured in ordinary electric kitchen ovens, by infra red lamps or by forced air blowers.  Ceramit enamels are flammable until they are used.  That means, for shipping purposes, they are classified by UPS as hazmat 

For Ceramit instructions, see:  Ceramit Instructions

Complete Set
includes sufficient catalyst along with the following 14 colors in 2 oz bottles: opaque colors- red, orange, yellow, jade green, turquoise, black, super white...in transparent colors- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, brown & clear.
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Item Quantity Stock# Price
Catalyst Refill 8 Ounce 45.880 Buy $14.40
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Ceramic Thinner 1 Pint 45.884 Buy $31.10


Replacement Opaque Colors
Individual 2 ounce bottles
Color Black Pearl Super White Iridescent Pink Chinese Red Red Violet Brown Cocoa Orange
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Color Yellow Butterfly Olive Green Jade Green Green Sky blue Turquoise Israeli Blue Blue  
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Replacement Transparent Colors
Individual 2 ounce bottles
Color Red Violet Brown Orange Yellow Green Blue Clear
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Replacement Florescent Colors
Individual 2 ounce bottles


Color Red Green Blue
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