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3M Trizact Abrasive Belts

3M Trizact Abrasive Belts

Advanced technology called "micro-replication" makes these aluminum oxide abrasive belts a real time saver (as much as 50% reduction in buffing time!) as well as an unprecedented consistency and precision.

From $4.30

Drum Size
Belt Size
Grit or Mesh
10.2556" x 1-1/2"18-15/16" x 1-1/2"220$4.30
10.2636" x 2-1/2"18-15/16" x 2-1/2"700$10.20
10.2616" x 2-1/2"18-15/16" x 2-1/2"320$10.75
10.2668" x 3"25-7/32" x 3"320$6.25
10.2658" x 3"25-7/32" x 3"220$12.00
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