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 Micromotor 1050 High Torque (7.8 N cm), Brushless, 50,000 rpm

Micromotor 1050 High Torque (7.8 N cm), Brushless, 50,000 rpm

This new, brushless, ultra-high torque motor and control system provide brute-strength power and smooth control through the 1,000 to 50,000 rpm speed range and completely eliminates carbon brush maintenance.  Runs on either 110V or 220V (50/60 cycle). New, intelligent microprocessor controls provide fully variable speed via console or foot control, protect the handpiece from damage and display precise rotational speed. Automatic speed control feature simplifies foot control speed operation.  Includes auto cruise, forward, reverse, dial or foot speed control. Digital display for precise speed and torque settings. Ceramic bearings. Comes complete with brushless handpiece, 3/32" (2.35mm) collet, variable speed foot control and accessories. Optional 1/8" collet available ($30). 2 year warrantee. Made in USA.

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