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# 1 Conner Bead Setting Pliers

# 1 Conner Bead Setting Pliers

The # 1 Conner Pliers will replace the common beading tool on a great many jobs, making them considerably easier. No longer will you need to hold items in the ring clamp and on the bench pin, or fill a fragile item with shellac. This tool will give you the support from the underside you need to do common, everyday tightening and settings in stones, plus many applications you'll discover as you use this great new tool!  Used like a beading tool 50% of the time-faster and easier. Can be used to hold stones (cutlet to table) while being heat set into wax models. This plier has the equivalent of a # 14 beading tool tip on it. If you need a larger tip, you can sand it down slightly and use a ball bur to enlarge the size. If you need to make it small, just sand the outside of the tip slightly.


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