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    Bur Boxes and Bur Organizers

    • $7.40 to $15.95

    • Why has no one done this before? Our handy block is a 4-1/2" x 6", 1 pound block of cured hardwood with 88 holes for organizing burs, needle files, beaders, mini brushes, etc. Each hole is 3/8" in diameter to accommodate either 3/8" or 3/32" shanks. This block is slanted so the user can see all instruments at a glance. The handy block also features say put rubber pads on the bottom to keep it from sliding. Not appropriate for dental burs.


      SKU: HOL-348.00

    • Attractive and functional, this 40 hole bur block for burs, drills, mini-brushes and other 3/32" shank tools at your fingertips. Made of high impact Lucite, you'll get years of service from this handy organizer. Not appropriate for dental burs.


      SKU: HOL-340.00

    • Holds burs, mini buffs, brushes and any 3/32" shank attachments. Injection molded plastic measuring 3" x 5" x 7/8". Perfect organizing unit for any bench. Not appropriate for dental burs.


      SKU: BUR-350.00

    • Rotates on steel ball bearings. The best answer to keeping burs, mini brushes, drills, diamond points or anything else which fits into a handpiece from being lost. Stop wasting time searching for lost tools- this rotating organizer holds up to 156 items with 108 holes sized for 3/32" shank instruments and 48 larger holes for 3/8" shank tools. Height 3-1/2". Not appropriate for dental burs.


      SKU: HOL-355.00

    • This magnetic bur holder keeps burs readily available for the busy jeweler. Made of high impact plastic, with an extra strong magnet for quick retrieval of burs, drill and other rotary instruments. Works well for dental burs also!


      SKU: HOL-335.00

    • A Swiss made precision gauge of lightweight metal measures bur diameters in ISO sizes 005 to 045. Ruler on reverse for measuring up to 50 mm in 1 mm increments


      SKU: 35.465