Using StripFree to Recover Gold from Electronic Chips

Use a flat rectangular pan, either glass or plastic. A casserole dish will do just fine, but you may want something a little larger.

Cut a piece of heavy gage, stainless steel screen to fit into the bottom of the pan. Bend one corner up so that it extends slightly above the top of the pan. 

Plug your chips into the bottom the screen (as if you were inserting them into a motherboard). Line them up so that the maximum number that can fit are plugged into the screen. The legs of the chips should be facing up through the screen. The gold plated squares on the chips will be visible through the screen.

Suspend a cathode above the screen and chips. A graphite rod will do nicely as a cathode, but any conductive material will work. Keep in mind, that the use of a metal cathode will result in that metal becoming bonded with the recovered gold.

Connect the red wire of a battery charger to the screen (at the top of the bent portion that extends above the pan). Connect the black wire to the cathode. The battery charger used should have an ammeter built in so that you can see the amperage which is being drawn as the gold is stripped.

Pour StripFree into the pan until the cathode is completely submerged in the StripFree.

Turn on the charger. The cathode will start to fizz. The gold will start to dissolve into the StripFree. As metal continues to dissolve, it will begin to attach itself (plate) on to the cathode.

How to Recover Gold from Computer Circuit Boards using CBX

Dilute 1 jar CBX circuit board stripping powder  with water to make 1 gallon of solution. Be sure to wear rubber gloves and eye protection because when working with this solution because it's about 4 times stronger than lemon juice, which is pretty acidic. Soak your boards in solution for 6-8 hours. Wearing gloves, remove boards and rinse off and recover the wrinkled gold flakes that have now loosened from the boards. Filter the liquid to recover the flakes. Dry and melt the flakes and refine as per normal instructions.

Circuit Contacts with Gold "Fingers" Removed by Soaking in CBX Solution Gold and Circuit Board Debris in Corner of Visionware Pot Closeup of Removed Circuit Board Gold and Debris in Visionware