Quadrants & Dividers

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Ring Drilling Quadrant
This tool mounts on virtually any drill press and is used in conjunction with a drill press and ring collets to:
  • Do precise channel cutting in wedding bands
  • Cut precisely spaced settings in wedding bands for stones
  • Drill precisely spaced holes in wedding bands

Although very similar in appearance to a faceting quadrant, the Shor Ring Drilling Quadrant is used with a drill press, not a faceting machine.  See also Channel Setting Tool.  


Motorized Ring Quadrant
Tilting Ring Quadrant
Like the CoFacet quadrant, featured below, except tilting.
CoFacet Ring Quadrant less Shaft


CoFacet Ring Quadrant with Shaft


M3 Ring Quadrant
Flat Tilting Divider
Oval Turning Divider Assembly
Decentering Brace  
Deluxe Flat Vertical Divider Assembly


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Posalux Autodivider Main Shaft with Bushing


Divider Plate, Old Style, for Posalux Divider
150 x 110 mm

SV-12 Collet Expander
  The Shor V Collet Expander is a marvelous little tool that allows an ordinary lathe to be used to texture and cut wedding bands and bangle bracelets. If you plan to do lathe millgraining or diamond polishing, this tool is literally indispensable. With the SV 12, a set of collets and a lathe, a whole world full of textures opens up:
  • Airscribing (laser finishes, bark finishes etc.) lathe millgraining
  • Diamond polishing
  • An almost infinite range of textures and finishes
  • Finishes that were possible before but did not yield consistent or uniform results are now consistent, uniform and much more easily and quickly accomplished.


Gears for Std. Ring Quadrant, 32-60 Tooth
  Toothed portion diameter approximately 35 mm.  Specify number of teeth required when ordering gears.

Gears for M1 Ring Quadrant,  72-120 Tooth
  Toothed portion diameter approximately 40 mm.  Specify number of teeth required when ordering gears.

Gears for M-10, M11 Ring Quadrants,  72 & 120 Tooth
  Toothed portion diameter approximately 40 mm.   Specify 72 or 120 tooth when ordering gears.

Gears, Dividing, for SV-12, 60, 90, 96 Tooth
  Toothed portion diameter approximately 80 mm.  Specify 60, 90, or 96 tooth when ordering gears.

Gears, Brass, for Posalux
60 mm diameter, 12mm hole

Ring Collet Motorizing Assembly Brass Gear
Gear diameter 52 mm.   Center hole 18 mm diameter.

Mounting Bracket for Motorized Ring Quadrant
62 mm x 45 mm

Ring Quadrant Mounting Bolts, TD-  To attach the quadrant to the table $25.00

TD Pawls $85.00

Mounting Base for TD Pawls $75.00

M1 Pawls $100.00

TD Divider Handle
45 mm overall length

Operating Handles, SV12 Quad, TD
  72 mm to 110 mm length

Release Levers for TD Automatic Flat Divider
110 mm long
Operating Handle, Old Style for Posalux and M3 Ring Quadrants $20.00
Operating Handle for  M11 Ring Quadrants $25.00

End Plates for TD Ring Quadrant
  Plates range in size from 30 mm long to 80 mm long

Ring Quadrant Divider Selection Gauge for Posalux $85.00
Oval Turning Divider Head

Oval Turning Divider Base