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Burs & Bur Accessories 332"

When Isadore Shor first started his jewelry supply business, around the turn of the century, one of the few dozen things he carried in his satchel was Busch burs. Shor still handles the Busch bur line, as well as other brands of burs from other countries such as Switzerland and England.

In standard 332" shank burs, Shor carries 4 brands made of tungsten vanadium as well as 1 brand high speed burs.

On some burs, there are 2 different kinds of "cut" available- "CC" also called "crosscut" and "SC" also called single cut or just "regular cut" or "standard". Unless a bur is designated CC or crosscut, it's a single cut bur.

What's the difference between cross cut and single cut? The illustration to the right will make it clear.
SC Round Bur CC Round Bur