Metal Mold Making & Electroforming

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  • Lacquer

    A high grade clear lacquer that can be brushed on articles to provide a tough, smooth, even surface to protect them from tarnish and to eliminate metal deposits from plating solutions. 1 pint bottle. Learn More

  • Hydrock / Rapid Stone

    Used in the process of making metal molds. Learn More

  • Shor Lok-Blok Metal Mold Making System

    Shor Lok-Blok Metal Mold Making Systemmakes metal molds that are the same dimensions as standard rubber molds. The process is simple (though somewhat time consuming) and requires no skills.

    Why use metal molds? Metal molds give a sharpness of detail that is absolutely impossible to achieve with rubber molds (even when the rubber molds are injected by a vacuum wax injector). Learn More

  • Shor Lok-Blok Mold Frames

    System for making perfect rubber molds without packing. Perfect rubber molds every time with no packing! When Shor introduced the Lok-Blok frames and rubber to the U.S. market in 1984, we were very excited. We thought these frames would quickly replace standard frames. Indeed, every shop that bought the frames has been tickled pink with the results. In fact, they've all been so impressed with the results that they've been keeping this product a secret. Learn More

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